AWEC 2013 - Airborne Wind Energy Conference

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Wind-generated energy is considered to have the greatest potential within “renewable energies”. The success formula for the future lies in the considerable improvement of the efficiency and availability of wind power plants. To do this, they should be able to harness stronger and especially more consistent winds, which are found virtually everywhere in the world at higher altitudes. This requires wind turbines and Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) technologies like cable-tethered kites and wing systems that access winds at heights of 300 to 500 meters.

On invitation of the German Airborne Wind Energy Association (BHWE Bundesverband Höhenwindenergie e.V.) the 5. International Airborne Wind Energy Conference took place in September 2013 at the Beuth University for Applied Sciences Berlin.


Over 200 participants from 21 countries discussed in 48 talks and 21 poster presentations the current development status and the next steps for serial production. Companies, universities, colleges and research institutes presented the results and findings of their studies as well as first demonstrators of the different AWE-technologies.

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Starting on Monday, September 9th with a spectacular demonstration day at the former Tempelhof Airfield, AWEC 2013 became an outstanding event right from the beginning. Thanks to Enerkite we haven’t only seen an AWE-prototype in operation, we also got the electricity to bake some waffles. For the first time we could “taste” Airborne Wind Energy by eating the waffles!


Furthermore we got the “feel and touch” of a gigantic 200sqm kite from Skysails. The yellow and white Skysails-Kite gave a spectacular picture in front of the sun and Berlin’s landmarks (TV-tower and Airport). But it is not only pure size which counts: Rod Read, Ed Sapir and Pierre Benhaiem demonstrated very well, how you can charge your cellular or lighten some bulbs with smaller solutions. Last but not least NTS presented a huge model of their unique track AWE-system at the information-tent.






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