AWEC 2013 - Airborne Wind Energy Conference


AWEC 2013 welcomes an excellent mix of international renowned scientists, researchers, consultants and entrepreneurs as members of the organization and the program committee.

Organization Committee

  • Guido Luetsch (Chair, President German Airborne Wind Energy Association)
  • Christian Hiemenz (former CFO of Francotype Postalia)
  • Roald Koch (Berlin Partner GmbH)
  • Prof. Reinhard Thümer (former President Beuth University for Applied Sciences Berlin)
  • Davina Wenninger (Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg)

  • Program Committee

  • Prof. Juergen Thorbeck (Chair,TU Berlin/Germany)
  • Assoc. Prof. Cristina Archer (University of Delaware/USA)
  • Dr. Alexander Bormann (CEO Enerkite GmbH, Berlin/Germany)
  • Prof. Moritz Diehl (K.U. Leuven/Belgium)
  • Prof. Nicolas Lewkowicz (Beuth University for Applied Sciences Berlin/Germany)
  • Guido Luetsch (President BHWE, Berlin/Germany)
  • Mark. M. Moore (NASA, Virgina/USA)
  • Prof. Roland Schmehl (TU Delft/The Netherlands)
  • Udo Zillmann (Daidalos Capital, Frankfurt/Germany)

  • The German Airborne Wind Energy Association

    (BHWE: Bundesverband Höhenwindenergie e. V.)
    This year‘s AWEC is organized by the BHWE, which undertakes the task of making the public aware of the benefits and potential of AWE. The association supports studies and research projects to develop and promote this future-oriented branch of industry in a constructive and targeted manner.

    It is committed to the general dissemination of knowledge about the significance of high-altitude wind energy for global climate protection as well as for the comprehensive and sustainable promotion of the deployment of high-altitude wind energy from a political, technological, social and economic perspective. The association is a non-profit organization.





    Airborne Wind Energy Consortium

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