AWEC 2013 - Airborne Wind Energy Conference


An international program committee has put together a highly exciting and unique program from over 60 submissions (please see list below abstracts).
More than 40 presentations on six key topics will be held over two days in three event rooms at Beuth University. In addition, over 20 posters will be displayed in the foyer. The »Simulation Corner« is certainly worth checking out during the breaks.

Time slots will be assigned for the different topics at the conference.

  • Topic “AWE Enterprises & Prototypes”: Stephan Brabeck, CTO Skysails
  • Topic “Technology”: Damon Vander Lind, Chief Engineer, Makani Power
  • Topic “Investment & Financing ”: Dr. Alois Flatz, Partner, Zouk Ventures
  • Topic “Wind & Weather”: Cristina Archer, Associate Professor, University of Delaware
  • Topic “Storage”: Werner Diwald, Enertrag AG, Member of the board
  • Topic “Legislation & Certification”: Guido Luetsch, President BHWE

  • Thanks to everybody who sent in an abstract for an oral or poster presentation. We received more abstracts than expected. We also thank you for the high quality of the abstracts you have sent.
    For each topic we requested an expert for a “topic leading speech”.

    Cristina Archer

    Cristina Archer

    Cristina Archer is Associate Professor for Physical Ocean Science and Engineering at the University of Delaware and Associate Professor for Geography. She is Adjunct Professor, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, California State University, Chico.

  • Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, 2004.
  • M.S., Meteorology, San Jose State University, 1998.
  • M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di MIlano (Italy), 1995.

  • Besides other publications related to Airborne Wind she published in 2009 together with Ken Caldeira the “Global Assessment of High-Altitude Wind Power”: The available wind power resource worldwide at altitudes between 500 and 12,000 m above ground is assessed for the first time. Twenty-eight years of wind data from the reanalyses by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction and the Department of Energy are analyzed and interpolated to study geographical distributions and persistency of winds at all altitudes. Furthermore, intermittency issues and global climate effects of large-scale extraction of energy from high-altitude winds are investigated.

    Stefan Brabeck

    Stefan Brabeck

    Stefan Brabeck as technical director (CTO) of SkySails GmbH, has leadership oversight of research and development, manufacturing and service. He was born in Cologne in 1962 and earned an engineering degree (Dipl.-Ing.) from RWTH Aachen University where he majored in aerospace engineering.

    Stephan Brabeck is an internationally renowned expert for ship propulsion. Before joining SkySails’ executive board in 2005, he was employed by Schottel, a manufacturer of ship propulsion systems for 14 years as development engineer, director of R&D and acting managing director. An avid sailor, he contributes in-depth expertise, years of management experience and exceptional market knowledge to the company.

    Werner Diwald

    Werner Diwald

    For over 13 years Werner Diwald has been responsible for project development and political affairs within the ENERTRAG Group. In October 2008 he was named member of the board of ENERTRAG Aktiengesellschaft with responsibility for the international project development of windparks and technology. Beside this Werner Diwald initiated the first hybrid power plant (wind/hydrogen) and (aviation-) identification systems for towered windmills.

    Alois Flatz

    Alois Flatz

    Alois Flatz oined Zouk in 2006 and is a Partner. With 18 years’ experience in private equity, investment management and sustainability, Alois brings significant cleantech experience and global networks to Zouk. Alois sits on the boards of portfolio companies Triton Water, FFK and va-Q-tec. Alois led Zouk’s investment in SiC Processing that generated one of the European Cleantech market’s best returns of recent years.

    Before joining Zouk, Alois was a Partner and Head of Research at Sustainable Asset Management in Zurich, where he co-founded the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Alois was also Managing Partner of BTS Investment Advisors, a private equity advisor focused on India, and an advisor to the Austrian Ministry of the Environment. A published author and speaker on sustainable investment, Alois has a PhD in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen, an MBA from Vienna University of Economics and studied International Management at HEC Paris.

    Guido Luetsch

    Guido Luetsch

    Born 1965, married, 2 children With a master degree as business administrator of the international renowned University of St. Gallen/Switzerland Guido started his business career at Kraft Foods. As Brand Manager he developed new coffees and introduced them in various European countries. He was a founding member of the Environmental Task Force and signed responsible for various sustainable projects at Kraft Foods. 1996 Guido founded an international marketing agency and led famous campaigns for global players such as Volkswagen, Schering AG, Veuve Clicquot etc. Since 2006 Guido is working in the field of Airborne Wind Energy. From 2007 - 2013 he was assigned as General Manager of Berlin based NTS GmbH. He is the Executive Director of the international Airborne Wind Energy Consortium and since January 2013 President of the German Airborne Wind Energy Association (BHWE Bundesverband Höhenwindenergie e.V.).

    Damon Vander Lind

    Damon Vander Lind

    Damon Vander Lind, Chief Engineer leads the engineering team at Makani Power. He holds degrees in physics and electrical engineering/computer science from MIT, and has been responsible for many aerodynamic, electromechanical, and structural elements at Makani including the system architecture currently being tested, quiet hybrid turbine/propeller blades, and a predictive controller, which have led to numerous patents pending.


    Book of Abstract (PDF)


  • Mariam S. Ahmed, Ahmad Hably, and Seddik Bacha (Gipsa Lab): Kite-based Wind System Grid Integration and Stand-alone Operation
  • Uwe Ahrens (NTS): Future Prospects of Airborne Wind Energy (AWE)
  • Prof. Kazuo Arakawa (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University): Performance Characterisation of Airborne Wind Rotor
  • Bachtijar Ashari, R. Schmehl, and L. Veldhuis (TU Delft): Aerodynamic Performance Prediction of a Tetrahedral Kite
  • Christof Beaupoil, The Big AWE Picture
  • Nykolai Bilaniuk and Karl von Bloedau (LTA Windpower): High Altitude Wind Turbines Using a Hybrid System of Bernoulli and Buoyant Lift
  • Simon Bolten (TU Munich): What are the Success Factors for Profiting from Innovation in the Emerging Airborne Wind Energy Industry? A Competition Analysis in the Face of Innovation.
  • Rigo Bosman (DSM Dyneema): Engineering Guidelines for design of a Airborne Wind Energy tether with High Performance HMPE fibers
  • M. Clobes, T. Höbbel, K. Thiele (TU Braunschweig): 20 Years of Wind Measurements in Germany – Results and future developments<
  • Joseph Coleman, Hammad Ahmad, Daniel Toal (University Limerick): Experimental Developments of a Pumping Mode Kite Power Demonstrator with Non-reversing Generator
  • Moritz Diehl et al (KU Leuven): Automatic Control and Rotation Start of a Rigid-Wing AWE System in Pumping Mode
  • Werner Diwald (Enertrag), Power to Gas: Hydrogen production by wind power plants - the worldwide first hybrid power plant
  • Dr. Michael Erhard (Skysails): Design Challenges Towards Automated Flight Control forTethered Kites
  • Lorenzo Fagiano (Automatic Control Laboratory, ETH Zurich): Automatic Crosswind Flight of Tethered Wings: 2-step and Direct Approaches
  • Uwe Fechner, Rolf van der Vlugt, Roland Schmehl (TU Delft): Dynamic Kite-Power System Modelling
  • Alois Flatz (Zouk Capital), Investing in Cleantech Innovations – The investors Perspective
  • Adrian Gambier (Fraunhofer IWES): Airborne Wind Energy: An Approach to Broaden the Horizon of Conventional Wind Energy
  • Daniel Gelbaum (Skywindpower): Commercial Scale Design of the Sky WindPower Flying Electric Generator
  • Ben Glass (Altaeros): Altaeros Energies - Development Process for Buoyant Airborne Wind Turbines
  • Jürgen Goetz (Fraunhofer IPA): Development of the Kite Control Chassis
  • Christoph Haucke (Enerkite): Innovative Approaches for Certification, Permission and Safety (Functions) of ABWE
  • Corey Houle, Jannis Heilmann, Dominik Sommer, Heinz Burtscher (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz): SwissKitePower – A Collaborative R&D Project
  • David Janke (Beuth University): Numerical Simulations and Experimental Investigations in the Field of Noise Estimation and Reduction of AWE
  • Bernd Lau ( Last Stage of Project Development
  • Richard Leloup (Laboratoire Brestois de Mécanique et des Systèmes LBMS EA): LEI kites research at Ensta Bretagne – Application to Vessels Auxiliary Propulsion by Lift-to-drag Ratio Estimation and Velocity Prediction Program
  • Nicolas Lewkowicz (Beuth University): Discussion on Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices to Cope with the Alternating Energy Flow In YoYo-AWEC Fed Off-Grid systems
  • R. Lozano Jr., M. Alamir, A. Hably, J. Dumon: Reverse Pumping: Theory and Experimental Validation on a Multi-kites System
  • Ioannis Lymperopoulos and Colin Jones (Automatic Control Laboratory, EPFL): Optimal Altitude Estimation for Power Generating Kites in an Uncertain Wind-Field
  • Rolf H. Luchsinger, Dino Costa, Cédric Galliot, Flavio Gohl, Roland Verheul (EMPA):From Surf-kites and Sailplanes to Twings
  • Mario Milanese, Franco Taddel, Stefano Milanese (KiteNRG): Design and Testing of the KE60 yoyo AWE Generator
  • David J. Olinger, Alireza Mahdavi Nejad, Jitendra S Goela, Gretar Tryggvason (Worcester Polytechnic Institute):Modeling and Testing of a Kite-Powered Water Pump
  • Tiago Pardal (Omnidea): Harnessing High Altitude Wind Energy Employing a Hybrid Lighter-Than-Air Platform with Aerodynamic Lift from the Magnus Effect
  • Carlo Perassi (WOW): 5 Years Financing Airborne Wind Energy Projects
  • Roderick Read (Windswept and Interestig Ltd / Cooperative Kite Networks: Scaling Open Source Hardware
  • Roland Schmehl, Paolo Tiso (TU Delft): Flight Dynamic Modelling of Inflatable Membrane Kites Including Aeroelasticity Effects
  • Prof. Dr. Franz Stuber, Ariadne Schefold (University of Applied Sciences Muenster): Airborne Wind Energy in Teacher Education
  • Clemens Töpfer (NTS): Design of a Power Plant based on the X-Wind Technology
  • Rolf van der Vlugt (TU Delft): Validation of a Quasi Steady Kite Power System Model
  • Milan Vukov, Rien Quirynen and Moritz Diehl (KU Leuven): Fast Solvers for Nonlinear Optimal Control and Estimation With Applications to Tethered Kites
  • Udo Zillmann (Daidalos Capital): AWE Financing Strategies. Obstacles–Strategies–Outlook
  • Aldo Zgraggen (ETH Zurich, Automatic Control Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology): On Real-Time Optimization and Adaptation of Airborne Wind Energy Generators
  • M. Sterner (FENES, Technische Hochschule Regensburg): Sail Energy: Generating Renewable Fuels by Wind-driven Energy Ships and Power-to-Gas.

  • Poster

  • Pierre Benhaim (FlygenKite): Land and Space Used
  • Tommi Berg, Ilpo Suominen, Juha Pulkkila (Alula Energy Oy): Linear Landing and Take-off System for Rigid Wing AWES.
  • Gabor Dobos (Chemotronik R&D Ltd.): Thetherless AWE
  • Merlin Bungert (Anurac): Information About Academic Kite Development
  • Johannes Conradi, B.Akkermann, F. Sievers (Kippenberg-Gymnasium Bremen): The Unrealised Potential of a Kite
  • R.J.M. Penedo, T.C.D. Pardal, P.M.M.S. Silva, N.M. Fernandes and T.R.C. Fernandes (Omnidea): Harnessing High Altitude Wind Energy Employing a Hybrid Lighter-Than-Air Platform with Aerodynamic Lift from the Magnus Effect
  • Kurt Geebelen (KU Leuven): The New Highwind Carousel for Outdoor Rotational Start Experiments
  • Flavio Gohl, Rolf H. Luchsinger (EMPA): Simulation Based Design of Kite Power Systems
  • Leo Goldstein ( - Caltech): Beyond Electricity Generation: AWECS for Energy Storage and Industrial Processes
  • Christoph Grete (TU Delft): Kite Power for Developing Countries
  • Rogelio Lozano (Gipsa Lab): Reverse Pumping: Theory and Experimental Validation on a Multi-Kites System
  • Michael Noom, Roland Schmehl, Rolf van der Vlugt (TU Delft): Traction Power Generation with Tethered Wings
  • Chul Park (Korea Aerospace Research Institute): Economy of Hydrogen Production by Parafoil-Pulled Ships
  • Giovanni Vergnano (Sequioia IT S.r.l.): Rotokite: a Different Approach for the Exploitation of the High-Altitude Wind
  • Xaver Paulig and Bernd Specht (SkySails): SkySails Towing Kites for Ship Propulsion and Power Generation Design and Operation of Industrial Scale Kites
  • Mario Zanon, S. Gros, G. Horn, M. Diehl (K.U. Leuven): Airborne Wind Energy Based on Dual Airfoils

  • Film

  • Chase Honaker: Documentary Film of AWE




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